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Whats the price on making bridge.

Date: 31-05-2009 14:11:31
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i have problem with 3 of my theets.
none off them are next to eash other. it is one in my lower jaw. and two in my uper jaw.
and im wondering what the price will be to fix the theet?
and how long will it take?
and if i can do normal thinks afther the treatment. and stil have a good vaction afther vards?

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Date: 28-07-2008 09:06:11
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Last year we were pleased to write about the great treatment Sandra received from Etrugal and Mehmet in Alanya, Turkey. In July this year we returned to our appartment in Alanya and had an appointment for inspection of the bridges and crowns after 12 months use. The inspection revealed all was well and in good order. Sandra had noticed that one of her own teeth was browning and considered whitening in the UK.We asked Ertrugal about this and after inspection he advised that a simple crown would probably be best. Sandra agreed ans so another TurkeyCrown" was installed easily and painlessly to her delight and satisfaction.
During our stay, I managed to break a tooth whilst eating. Ithought it was an old filling but Ihad no hesitation in asking Ertrugal to help as I was in pain. He advised that as the tooth had fractured that a filling would not last and advised a crown. Having seen Sandra have the treatment I had no hesitation in agreeing. A temporary filling stopped the pain and before we returned to the UK I too was the proud wearer of anew crown. The costs, a fraction of those in the UK ,and the care, safety, consideration and quality of work done of the highest standard.We are thankfull for the day we first saw "Ouch" on the internet and found our way to excellent dental care. To anyone considering Dental Treatment abroad ,we both say have no fear you will be in good hands here

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Treatment with Etrugal Elvan

John and Sandra 
Date: 17-09-2007 09:30:52
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My wife Sandra had been advised that she would need extensive treatment plus bridges and implants to preserve her mouth configuration. A back tooth had already been extracted and although we are NHS patients, the cost of the programme was very high in the UK .

I read in a Sunday paper about "Dental Tourism " and as we had just purchased a holiday home in Alanya in Turkey, I visited the Internet and by chance came across "Ouch". Imagine my elation when I read the information and learned that there was a Clinic in Alanya. I at once requested details which Ulla provided promptly. As is my usual practice we checked elsewhere, including Egypt where treatment is also good and where we also have an appartment.

However, we determined that we would explore the Alanya practice initially. Ulla made all arrangements and notified us by e-mail. So, in June 2007 we were picked up for the first time by the Clinic car and taken to the Cinic and then to the surgery of Erturgul Evan, to meet with him and his colleague Mehmet Sahin. Both of the Doctors were very reassuring to both of us and after inspection arranged for us to go for X-Ray of Sandras mouth.We were then transported home and picked up later in the day when the results were to hand. Both Doctors outlined the situation and their proposals for treatment. This was to include some extractions, filling, filing and insertion of bridges and/or implants.We both felt that the practice was more than up to the job and my wife especially felt confident in placing her trust in the Doctors.

Thus we had 8 visits over a 3 week period before returning to the UK in July. We had agreed a programme to cover up to 3 periods when we would be in Alanya to complete the whole work required. The first period was major preparation for the next to which were to be the implementation of new tooth structure. So, we returned in mid August for phase 2. At once, again having been collected at our appartment as arranged with Ulla, Erturgul had a surprise for us.

He first inspected the work of July and how things looked and then had his colleague do likewise. Whilst this was in progress he explained that he and his colleague would then discuss their professional opinions to determine any potential alteration to the 3 phase programme. This then took place, in Turkish for about 5 minutes at the end of which Erturgul advised us that ,after consideration, they felt that my wife may be able to do with just bridges and avoid implants. We discussed the implications, with myself and Sandra making points.

She was keen to avoid implant if possible but at the same time we wanted to ensure that the treatment put in place would be effective. We were reassured on all points and agreed the proposed plan. This meant we had two further benefits.
1. The work would all be finished in August/Sept before our return home.
2. The cost was to be even less than the previous budget.

It was clear proof that our dentists were caring professionals, not purely out to secure the highest financial return.Thus, after a total of 16 trips from start to finsh, picked up and returned home each time by friendly clinic personnel and with little or no waiting time, Sandra has emerged with a new confidence in her smile and herself. Both of us are totally gratefull for the care,efficiency and quality of the treatment arranged via Ulla and "OUCH"

My wife is dispensing with her 6 monthly check ups in the UK to return to Erturgal and Mehmet as she has so much more confidence in them and is treated as a human being and not a number. We fully recommend this practice to any one seeking treatment of top quality at a fair price and also advise that Alanya is a superb place for a holiday to add to the value.

We thank the day we found "OUCH" on the Internet and feel confident that anyone following a similar path will do also.

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