A veneer is a sheet of porcelain, that is put on the front of the tooth to cover up minor damages or discolouring. Veneers can only change the look of the tooth and is a cosmetic treatment.

Who can benefit from having veneers?

The dentist recommends veneers of one of the following reasons:

To repair small damages

If a corner of at teeth is broken it doesn't affect the ability to chew or bite, but your smile is changed dramatically. Furthermore the edges of a broken tooth can be very uncomfortable. Veneers can cover up minor damages such as broken and worn down teeth.

To change the colour of a tooth

Even though the colours of plastic fillings are adjusted to the teeth of each patient, they usually get darker over time. Discolouring of the teeth is also caused by smoking, medication and what we eat and drink. Veneers can be used to cover up for discolouring of the teeth. Veneers are made out of porcelain which resemblances the natural tooth in colour and texture.

To correct minor irregularities of the teeth

If the teeth are irregular, but not irregular enough to needing orthodontic treatment, veneers can be used to level the differences. Space between the front teeth can also be filled out by veneers.

Advantages of veneers:

  • Veneers don't require as much grinding as other forms of treatment. (crowns)
  • Veneers provide the patient with a nice set of teeth without using braces.
  • Veneers don't change colour over time

Veneers abroad

Most OuchMyTooth Dentists offer veneer treatment as part of their cosmetic dental treatments.

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