Tooth anatomy

In order to understand the descriptions of dental treatments, it can be useful to know more about the anatomy of a tooth. Here you can see a cross section of a tooth showing the different components within the tooth.





The visible part of the tooth above the gum is called the dental crown. The crowns have different appearances according to the function of the tooth. The front teeth (incisors) are sharp and formed as a chisel to be able to take a bite, e.g. of an apple. The teeth in the back of the mouth (molars) have larger and more rugged surfaces, which make them suitable for chewing.





The dental crown is covered by a hard layer of enamel. Enamel is the most solid material in the human body. As much as 95% of the enamel consists of a mineral called calciumhydroxylapatit. Even though the enamel is hard, it can be broken down if the teeth are not kept clean.


Only the visible part of a tooth is covered by enamel. The tooth mainly consists of dentin, which consists of calciumhydroxylapatit like the enamel. The mineral only makes up a third of the dentin, which makes this material softer than enamel. Contrary to enamel, dentin is sensitive as it contains a number of channels leading to the nerve system of the tooth.



In the heart of the tooth is the dental pulp, which is the nerve of the tooth. The pulp is the only soft tissue in the tooth. It consists of arteries, veins, nerve systems and lymphatic tissue. The pulp is the substance, which makes sure you can feel pain in the tooth when the enamel is broken down by caries.



The root is the part of the tooth, which is hidden under the gum. The root makes up two thirds of the tooth, and serves to fasten the tooth into the jawbone.


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