Dental bleaching is a cosmetic treatment which whitenes the teeth. The colour of the teeth changes naturally during a lifetime depending on what we eat and drink. It is common knowledge that red wine, coffee and smoking affect the colours of the teeth. The colour of our teeth is also genetically conditioned. Despite the cause, dental bleaching is able to make the teeth appear several shades brighter.
Please, note the following:
  • It is not possible to bleach crowns and fillings
  • Make sure the teeth are free of caries to avoid the bleaching to make its way into the teeth.

Who can benefit from having the teeth bleached?


People with hardly discoloured teeth can benefit from this treatment. It it not possible to change the colour dramatically - for instance from very dark to very bright. A change of two or three shades are the most common and can make a big difference. The treatment will have no effect on 22 % of the population. People suffering from allergy should consult a doctor before treatment. White teeth make you look healthy and can result in improved confidence.


Dental bleaching abroad


Most of the dentists at OuchMyTooth are able to do dental bleaching. The treatment requires at least two visits at the dentist.

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